Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in conf_mercials,

The Progressive Store

A lot of the Progressive commercials don't make sense. It's a large store in the middle of nowhere with white walls, white ceiling, white floors, white desks, white products, and a white clerk in a white uniform. When she tells a man about his special coverages, she hands him a paint can with a Progressive label on it, but it's the same insurance package as the other things she's describing. Insurance doesn't need packages. Why on earth would he ever need one in a paint can? What is in those boxes anyway? Forms? Then there's her comment about the "big tricked out name tag." What, don't those cost $5 at the most? That's not much of a savings, if you ask me. The same goes for a new pair of shoes. The board appears to say that a guy just saved $200, but I'm not certain about that. Maybe he only saved $5? Where is this store anyways? And what about that dog? Who mops up after the animals?
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