Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in conf_mercials,

Pledge and the glass box

I think there's a conspiracy going on. Someone keeps kidnapping women and putting them in a giant glass box. Apparently they must be chloroformed or something, then placed in the glass box, which contains a simulated living room and a can of Pledge. In a scenario similar to SAW, some madman forces them to spray down all the dusty surfaces with the spray can, and then leaves them there to rot forever. At the end of one commercial, the woman knocks on the glass and begs to be released. We never see this woman again. I suspect she died from suffocation, as there doesn't seem to be adequate ventilation in the box, and spraying aerosols would not help matters. The killer must have been cunning with the way he hid the bodies. I guess they smell like Pledge, so it conceals the odor.
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