Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in conf_mercials,

Joe the plumber

Who on earth came up with the whole idea of Joe the plumber? Did those people actually think such a lame idea would actually work? This is by far the worst advertising concept ever invented, and probably cost McCain the election.
Obama put in a commercial advertising spot that lasted SIX FRIGGIN' HOURS!
McCain went on Saturday Night Live. And SNL hasn't had a funny episode since all the good comedians left it a decade ago.
Obama had a six hour commercial. And Oprah. You could put a turd in a hardback cover and it would sell if Oprah advertised it. The Obama campaign is genius because they put a turd in a suit and it sold just like her crappy books.
And let's not forget his demographic. Obama knew that the majority of the voting population was largely composed of brainless bubbleheads that accept everything that VH1 and The View and Oprah tell them, so he created the world's longest political infomercial to hypnotize them into submission.
I voted libertarian because I don't like the other guy, either.
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